I will guide you so you can learn to contact your own resources, thus making you feel fulfilled.


Meditation will lead you gently and progressively towards a more lucid and balanced life.


Through Mindfulness you will learn to be present in the moment, feeling more relaxed and more confident.


Human Design will provide you with a map on which you will be able to understand yourself in depth and achieve greater well-being.

This Center

Personal Development
Expansion of Consciousness

The purpose of this center is to support you so that you can get in touch with your own resources and develop skills to feel fulfilled. You will be able to get to know yourself more deeply, freeing yourself from conditioning and living in a more authentic way.

Here you will find different alternatives to achieve greater balance and reconnect with your Essence.

About me

My name is Federico Lachs and I offer you my support and guidance so you can develop the resources that allow you to get to know yourself better and live more fully. More about me
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Federico Lachs

Gestalt & Transpersonal Therapist
Human Design Analyst
Akashic Records Reader

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